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Letter to Dawn

I Got REAL Mail! A gift to my heart.

I was recently blessed with a wonderful letter full of love and acceptance. My heart needed the reminder that I can be seen and cherished, even when I doubt myself.
Woman inspecting sink

Fix the Root Cause of the Problem

Imagine your water pipes are frozen and cracking; and your plumber tells you to buy bottled water from now on rather than fixing the pipes. How would you feel?
Written by Amanda
Written by Amanda
Marble statue of David

Healing and Revealing the Masterpiece You Were Created to Be

For twenty-five years David laid on the ground in a cathedral courtyard. He had been tossed out and forgotten.
Woman breaking free of chain

Don't Be Afraid. Get Closer!

What fear is holding you back from dreaming? What goal are you denying yourself due to current or past trauma? Instead of running, why don't you take a closer look?
Colorful and messy paint

Chaos in the Studio of the Divine

In the hands of the best Artist, chaos can provide the tools and the raw materials needed to create something new...something good.
Pink tulip in bloom

Never Be Afraid to Bloom

Tulips know when it is time to wait, buried in the darkness; and when it is time to bloom, reaching for the light. What time are you in? Will you wait and immerse yourself in what nurtures you or is it time to reach for the light and burst forth?
Dr. Versendaal smiling with two grandkids

When Your Heart Calls for Help, How Does Your Body Respond?

The heart sometimes stores traumatic energy, which can lead to the need for supporting energy from other organs and systems in the body. Bring healing to the heart to remove the need for "backup generators" and restore balance.
Baby Tyler holding toes

I Trust You, God - And I Trust It Will Hurt

This was the year where things were out of control. I experienced loss upon loss and was in a few accidents myself. Then along came Tyler. "Why don't we adopt baby Tyler?" There were many reasons, yet God had a different plan. He told me to trust him.
Masked woman holding out hand to stop

Stop. Don't Go There.

Whenever I would bring up doubts or what-ifs, my dad, Dr. Dick Versendaal, would say, "Stop. Don't go there." Thoughts have energy. Don't let those negative thoughts and worries impact your life. Stay strong and be grateful for those who are fighting this battle for our health.
Mint chip ice cream in a bowl

Two Scoops of Ice Cream for Everyone!

April 2 is my birthday! I used to get so excited for my birthday, because it meant I got to get ice cream; and not just ice cream for myself, 2 scoops for my WHOLE family! It made me so happy to be able to gift them something they all enjoyed on my special day.
Woman at windy beach with broken umbrella

Fear Says, "Control the Wind!"

Each day brings more news on COVID-19 and how we, as a community, must work together to prevent further spread. It wasn't until the governor of Michigan put the state in a lock down that it really hit me. How do I battle this strong gust of fear on my own? How do I protect my family?
"We are not necessarily doubting that God will do the best for us;
we are wondering how painful the best will turn out to be."  
C.S. Lewis
"We are not necessarily doubting that God will do the best for us; we are wondering how painful the best will turn out to be."  
C.S. Lewis