When Your Heart Calls for Help,
How does Your Body Respond?

When Your Heart Calls for Help, How does Your Body Respond?

The Energy of Healing

The past couple days you may have listened to my story about my son, Tyler and the journey we had with his asthma. It was a journey of physical, emotional and spiritual healing. It was a healing of the heart that changed everything.

It is not just another Hallmark story where love changes everything.

Well, it could be...BUT THERE’S SO MUCH MORE.

This is a story that has come full circle as I worked with my dad, Dr. Dick Versendaal, in the complementary health field for many years. When my husband and I adopted our son Tyler, he was only two weeks old and already on an antibiotic for strep throat and a double ear infection. Within a few days he was feeling better, and we as a family started to bond.

Six weeks later we got notice that we had to give Tyler back. The court was going to get involved because the birth father wouldn’t sign off. That was not a good day for my heart.

I had to give my son back because of a slacker birth father. What the heck was God thinking?!

I was so angry. God told me to trust him, and I responded, “I trust it will hurt.”
But, I trusted.

It hurt.

I was right, and I felt like God betrayed me.

Tyler went back to his birth mom.
After six weeks we were able to bring Tyler back into our home, but things were different. He was sick again with strep throat and a double ear infection. Anger, screaming and temper tantrums filled the days. Just before his first birthday Tyler had his first asthma attack and stayed overnight in the hospital. This was just the beginning of many years of emergency visits and hospitalizations.

My dad, a chiropractor and founder and developer of an energy technique called, Contact Reflex Analysis, worked tireless with Tyler. He told me, “Tyler has a broken heart. We need to work on his heart so his body can heal.” Tyler did not have a defective or diseased heart. Any type of heart test would have come back normal. “Working on Tyler’s heart” meant something different, and I understood what he was saying.

To some people, this “broken heart” part may be what I mentioned earlier, a Hallmark story. This, however, is also based on science. Here’s a simple overview of what I was taught for years, eastern medicine has known for thousands of years and what western medicine is more recently discovering.
Dad, Dr. Dick Versendaal, with two of my kids, Tyler and Kara

Energy Flows Through Your Body

It is helpful to discuss energy first. We have energy that flows through every organ, gland and cell of your body. Without this, we would not be alive.

The Heart and Brain Generate Energy

Your heart and brain are generators of energy that flows through your body. Most people think of the brain as being the most powerful. It, however, has been documented that the heart is the strongest organ in the human body when it comes to generating electric and magnetic fields. Science has shown that the heart generates an electrical energy field that is 100 times stronger than the brain. It also has magnetic energy that is 5,000 times stronger than the brain. These fields can be measured more than 10 feet from the body.

Wow! Your brain is amazing, but your heart is a POWERHOUSE of energy.

Dr. Dick Versendaal Called the Heart the Queen Bee

My dad called the heart the queen bee. In nature, the queen bee is responsible for laying eggs—making sure life continues. All other bees work in some way to serve the queen so she can do her job.

Your heart is like the queen bee—important for life to continue.

The other organs, glands, and structures of your body are like the other bees that serve the queen. They each have a job to do—and they do it with ease. It is their job to make sure the queen has everything she needs to function optimally. But what happens if the heart gets tired, or has additional needs? This happens in the human body more frequently than we realize. Without pause, specific organs, glands and/or structures will work overtime or even sacrifice their nutritional, energetic, or structural needs to support the queen bee—the heart.

Backup Generator Needed!

When this occurs, the organs, glands and structures are functioning as backup systems. It is meant to be a temporary action so the heart can rest and restore to optimal function. It’s like having a storm come through and the electricity goes out. Hospitals, businesses, and even some homes have generators that will power the main equipment and lights until the main power is restored.

Backup systems and generators are meant to be used for a short time. The goal is to restore the main power, not to continue to use the generator. Your heart is the primary generator of energy. If it is energetically out of balance in any way, organs, glands, and structures will work as backup systems to the heart.

Other parts of your body may be called upon to work overtime, but it is not meant to be for a long period of time. The goal is to restore the heart, not to continue relying on the overwork and sacrifice of other organs/glands/structures. When this occurs, they also tire, and symptoms and syndromes begin to appear in those areas of the body.

Your Brain is the Number One Backup System to the Heart

Your brain is the number one backup system to your heart, and it also generates energy. This is one reason the heart-brain connection is so powerful. If the heart tires energetically, the brain will work overtime to produce more energy. An example of this is when you can’t sleep because your brain will not calm down. Now, this may just mean you are truly overthinking things and/or worrying. But it could also mean your brain is working overtime to support the heart. If the brain stops overworking, the heart will not get what it needs, which puts the whole body at risk.

Instead of trying to calm the brain, another option is to support the heart. When the heart goes back into balance, the brain can say, “thank you” and can return to its balanced state.

When the heart is happy, the brain is happy and can relax.

Sweet dreams!

The brain is not the only backup system to the heart in your body. There are many. If fact any part of your body may at any given time be acting as a backup system. Some, like the brain, are just called on more frequently.

Tyler’s Heart was “Broken”

Tyler’s severe health issues were indicators of a bigger picture. It was a picture of a heart that was supposed to be the strongest generator of energy, but it was tired—exhausted—“broken”. Many things needed to be addressed in order to bring the heart back into optimal energy balance so his body could heal.

Physical Healing

When people think of healing, it is most often physical. Yes, Tyler needed his physical body to heal. The medical profession—ER doctors, nurses, pulmonologists etc. did a wonderful job. They used their expertise and tools to manage his asthma and most importantly to keep him alive. Without them, we would not have Tyler here today.

These tools and techniques, however vital, did not address other aspects we believe are necessary for a body to not only survive, but to heal and thrive. For Tyler we incorporated natural therapies and remedies with an energetic focus into his daily life. This included diet, chiropractic, Contact Reflex Analysis® (CRA®), nutritional supplements that focused on various aspects of the heart, essential oils and Sympathetic Resonance Technology (SRT) technology.

All were used to bring the energy of the body—especially the heart—back into balance. I did not envision Tyler living the rest of his life with a cupboard full of prescription meds to manage illnesses. I wanted to be proactive and do everything I knew how to do so he had the best chance of achieving wellness.

Slowly but surely Tyler started to heal from chronic illness. I remember the first time he got a fever. He was about three years old. I rejoiced because his immune system was finally functioning as it should in response to an infection. It was a beautiful thing.

But more needed to be done.

Emotional Healing

Science has shown that the heart has its own brain. The energy of trauma—physical and emotional—elicits a heart response. Imagine hitting your finger with a hammer. OUCH! If you imagined it in any detail, you might have felt a gasp in your heart. Most often the heart releases the energy from the trauma. Sometimes, however, the heart does not release, but stores it. This stored energy needs to be resolved and released so the heart can be free.

Tyler did not experience physical trauma, but I can only imagine how that little heart responded to the intense emotional energies that surrounded him before and after birth along with the following months of uncertainty. There were plenty of emotions swirling around: grief, abandonment, anger, pain and so much more. Energy and emotions that are not released affect the heart, and ultimately other organs of the body.

Tyler’s brain—a backup system to his heart—was working overtime—he was tired and always angry. His immune system needed help. He was sick often and just did not feel good.

Lungs Represent Grief, Sadness and Detachment

In traditional Chinese Medicine the lungs represent grief, sadness and detachment. This makes sense in so many ways from Tyler’s reactive attachment disorder to his asthma attacks that would occur if my husband and I went out for a night. Babysitters were rare. I remember many middle-of-the-night SOS calls with my dad. He would walk me through the exact steps needed to help Tyler pull through a barking cough that wouldn’t stop and a worsening asthma attack. There were many nights while the other three children slept, that I spent hours with Tyler—just he and I—helping him to breathe.



Breathing in.

Breathing out.


During the wee hours of those long, dark nights, God was working.

He was working and preparing for the day in the hospital when the doctors could not get Tyler’s asthma under control. He was admitted into PICU—Pediatric ICU where the doctor told me Tyler would be intubated within twenty minutes. I wanted to cry as I stood helplessly by the big hospital bed watching Tyler struggle to take every breath. It broke my heart as his heart rate increased and oxygen levels dropped.

God was there, but I wasn’t even looking for him. I felt so hopeless. There was nothing I could do but wait.

Slowly Tyler turned his head toward me and between breaths asked, “Mommy…(gasp), am I (gasp) going to die?”

How does a mom respond to this piercing question? I did not have time to think of a response because my heart had already decided. In a single breath, a powerful love bubbled up from my core and exploded in my heart.

I grabbed his hand and looked into his big brown, eyes, “Not on my watch, Tyler. Not on my watch.”

Over the next ten minutes Tyler’s oxygen levels rose into the 90s, and his breathing eased. When the doctor came in to talk to me, he was amazed at what just happened. The intubation was cancelled.

Since that day in the hospital, Tyler has never again had to be hospitalized or even visit the emergency room for asthma. He did have asthma attacks after that, but we could handle them at home with the tools we had, and they occurred less and less.

Tyler’s heart received the love and began to release the grief, sadness and detachment. His heart was free and could attach and heal. He could breathe.

My heart was filled to overflowing with love, so it could attach and heal as well.

On that day, God did a double miracle.

I will never cease to be amazed by how God healed our hearts—the queen bee—with love.
He heals the Brokenhearted and binds up their wounds
Psalm 147:3