Two Scoops of Ice Cream for Everyone!

Today is my birthday! Happy birthday to me!

When I was young… (Why do I finish this with, “When I was a young wart hog!” singing in my head?)

Anyway, I am talking elementary school age young.

At that time we passed out birthday treats. Do you remember those days when classmates would put their head down on their desk so they couldn’t see that special treat you would give them? It was exciting!

Except, my birthday was always during spring vacation. It didn’t seem quite as exciting to be passing out a birthday treat when it wasn’t really my birthday.

BUT…since it was spring vacation my family was often in Florida. Every year we would go to the same ice cream shop and George--the owner, a big jovial man dressed all in white, would greet me with a big, “Happy Birthday, young lady!” Then I, along with my mom and dad, two brothers, and my grandparents would order a cone with two scoops of our favorite ice cream.

I remember my mom loved vanilla. She still does.

My brothers always got Superman ice cream. They wanted those superpowers.

I loved mint chocolate chip.

Visiting the ice cream store on my birthday was a special occasion, but not for the obvious reason of…I get ice cream!

It was because…I got to pay for all of it.

Yes, it was my birthday, and I had the honor of paying for everyone’s treat. It never occurred to me to think that since it was my birthday, I should not be the one paying.

I can still see my 10-year-old self, standing at the counter counting out crumpled dollar bills and pouring out a bunch of change from my purse.

I felt so grown up.

I loved taking a seat with my family after I paid. It felt so good to hear, “Thank you, Dawn,” as it meant they enjoyed what I did. I loved to make others happy. I also think it made me feel good because I knew my mom, dad and grandparents were proud of me.

This memory is a special birthday gift to me.

You are also a gift, and I’m grateful to have you as part of my tribe. LOVE YOU!
"Seeing you happy is the best gift I could ask for."  
Maya Banks