Find the Root Cause of the Problem So Healing May Occur

Foot the Root Cause of the Problem so Healing May Occur

Imagine...’re trying to fill a pot with water and only a little dribble comes out of the faucet. You test the bathroom sink, kitchen faucet, shower… nothing happens. (If you’re living in Texas, you don’t have to imagine this at all. Your pipes might have gotten too cold, froze and cracked. Water cannot flow through them anymore.)

You call a plumber and find out you have a broken pipe. The solution you are given is to buy water bottles for the rest of your life.

Would you accept that answer?

Obviously not! That broken pipe would have to be repaired or replaced.

Would you accept that kind of response when it comes to your health? 

Without realizing it, many do.

Energy is like water.

Energy is just like that water, flowing though you and providing you with all you may need.

Your environment, emotions, diet, physical capabilities, etc. all impact that energy. If one of these “breaks”, that energy flow becomes a dribble and can no longer provide the energy and resources needed for a healthy body.

Suppose you break a bone.

You tell your doctor that it hurts. The broken bone is the root cause of the problem and the pain is a symptom. So which do you treat? Pain? The break? Both?

It would be unacceptable for the doctor to simply prescribe you pain medication and not set the bone.

Yet we see this type of situation happen time and again for symptoms that are not caused by something as visible.

Take a headache as an example. A headache is a symptom; but what is the cause?

We often reach for pain relievers and call it a day, without ever really thinking about how to solve the problem. It’s the same thing as a doctor not setting a bone or a plumber not replacing a busted pipe.

There is an energy imbalance or block somewhere.

The key is to find where and how to fix it.

This is the entire concept of Contact Reflex Analysis. With CRA, a doctor can find the root cause of the problem so that you may restore energy flow to that area and bring healing.

Stop merely treating the symptom - start treating the cause.