Stop. Don't Go There.

Who do you wish you could talk to right now?

What wisdom or encouragement would they share for such a time as this?

Over the past couple weeks I often think, “What would my dad say?”

My dad and I were close. He was not only my dad, but also my coach and mentor in the field of energy and wellness. We worked together closely. Sometimes we would look at each other across the room and have a conversation without saying a word. Facial expressions spoke volumes.

When I stop to think, I can hear him talking.

I can imagine the exact look on his face as we would talk about how the world seems to have gone crazy with fear. We would share how the energy feels intense.

I would probably be doing most of the talking. He would be thoughtful, his hands spinning in circles; a habit formed by years of testing subtle energy.

If, however, I started telling stories of possible worst case scenarios, he would shake his head and stop me. “Dawn, don’t go there.”

“But, Dad…what if…”

“Don’t go there.”

He would be the calm in the storm of my own making.

My dad is Dr. Dick Versendaal, and he was not always the calm in the storm. Sometimes, he was the storm. Bold power. Intensity. Energy. He could motivate people and get things done. It was a storm that challenged the old and introduced the new…especially in the area of wellness—physical, emotional and spiritual.

Throughout my lifetime, I felt like an odd duck. My friends would go the doctor and be prescribed an antibiotic when they got sick. I would be given nutrition, chiropractic adjustments and other natural remedies. In my home, medical doctors and nurses were not considered bad. On the contrary, they were honored as experts at managing diseases and to be seen for emergency/trauma care. If one needed this, he or she went to the medical doctor.

What was unique about my childhood was that my dad was not only a chiropractor—which was outside of the norm—but he also researched and developed a subtle energy technique called Contact Reflex Analysis®. For over 55 years he taught health professionals how to assess and balance the subtle energy that flows through every organ, gland and cell in the body.

Wow. Let that sink in. Energy flows through every cell of your body.

In fact, science has shown that EVERYTHING is energy.

Years ago, this was just woo woo thinking. But research by genius scientists like Einstein prove otherwise.

Your thoughts have energy.

Our words have energy.

I’m talking quantum physics type energy. Mind-blowing, right?

I have been working in this field of subtle energy for over 30 years, and I am still in awe. We are incredible masterpieces living in an amazing world. I thank my dad for sharing his genius, wisdom and knowledge not only with me, but with thousands of health professionals around the world.

It is for such a time as this that doctors and health professionals in many areas of expertise are essential. We have those working on the front lines in hospitals fighting to save lives and managing disease.

We are grateful.

We have others working tirelessly and bridging the gap between traditional medicine and showing people a complementary way. This is a way to not only fight against dis-ease, but a way of empowering the body for strength and balance in body, mind and spirit.

We are grateful for these warriors, too.

Stay strong, beautiful ones.

You may not understand all things about this amazing energy flowing through every cell in your body. But know you are an amazing creation. Live with gratitude for the One who made you. May your thoughts, words and actions be a positive energy that flows into the lives of others.

But, Dawn…what if…?

Stop. Don’t go there.

Let’s do this!
"The 'What-ifs' and the 'Should-haves' will eat your brain."
John O'Callaghan